Fire Stopping

The spread of fire & smoke can be restricted by sub-dividing buildings into a number of discrete compartments. These compartments are separated from one another by compartment walls and compartment floors made of a fire & smoke resisting construction which hinders the spread from one compartment to another.

What is fire stopping?

Fire-stopping allows adequate time so that occupants can safely escape from a burning building and the emergency services can enter in time to minimise damage.

Fire-stopping involves compartmentalising fire & smoke, this includes sealing openings to stop fire and smoke from escaping from building compartments.

Approved document B, Fire Safety, defines a fire stop as: ‘A seal provided to close an imperfection of fit or design tolerance between elements or components, to restrict the passage of fire and smoke.’

Our Services

We offer firestopping installations around apertures and services, penetrations sealing, linear gap fire sealing, fire batt and mastic applications, fire proofing of ducting and ventilation and pipe fire collars.

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